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Ever tried using the built-in app in your iOS device to set your reminders? Quite a horrible experience. 


The problem? Apple Reminders is the only application capable of keeping your notifications on the lock screen at all times.


Forgot bridges this gap by providing an intuitive interface for managing your reminders, while in the background it delegates to the built-in reminders app, getting you the best of both worlds.

With over 2500 clubs and bars in Budapest it's no surprise people have a hard time deciding where to go.


Bulika solves this problem by showing a carefully curated list of events happening nearby, at any given date. The app was featured on the Hungarian version of Shark Tank.

I have built the MYSAFA Player Verifier for the South African Football Association, to help verify their players on the field.


The app relies on location tracking and uses the device’s camera to scan the ID cards of the players on the spot.

CSAKDIÁK is a job portal that helps students find jobs easily in Hungary.


It has over 30 different registered student associations along with more than 4000 registered students. In addition to the mobile app, I have also built the CSAKDIÁK website and REST API.

DeadDoll is a fun little game involving the accelerometer of the device.


It requires players to guide a falling rag doll through a series of obstacles by tilting the device left or right.

The Six Pack App is an interactive workout app including a range of exercises with varying difficulties.


Users also get tips & tricks regarding their diet, to really help them build that six pack.

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