Launching my website finally… Or not?

So, a week ago I launched my e-commerce site for buying and selling used or new mobile phones and tablets. I had this idea for a while, but recently I managed to get around 1600$ from my father for the project. Of course he expects me to pay him back which I will do as soon as I can.

I am sure I could have learned HTML and CSS, but I felt like it was better to find a web developer company for the job, so I hired one. After 2 months of work and a lot of e-mails, they finally sent me the site. It had a ton of bugs and it took around another week or so to fix them all.

Okay, so finally all set up…

Well, at least I thought so. My father is a lawyer so he told me that I should not be forgetting the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy from the site. Of course I did, so I kindly asked him to write those for me. This took another 2-3 days, but it was all done and I was super-excited to launch the site.

The development of the whole site cost around  1300$ and I had 300$ left for marketing. I was thinking about going with Facebook Ads only, especially because people are looking for Christmas presents at this time of the year and a smartphone is a great choice for lot of them.

I started the Facebook Ads and applied to Google Adsense because thats how I am planning to make revenue from the site. Unfortunately, Google rejected my application…

I strongly believe that for good things to come you have to deal with a lot of sh*t first. So right now I am trying to get my site approved by Google because I do not want to find an AdSense alternative, just yet.

So…Here we are with a finished site and a lot of traffic coming in from the Facebook campaigns, with no possible way to make revenue. I am pretty sad to say the least, but still very motivated. I have to mention that my senses are very good and I can often feel if something is going to work or not. I have a very good feeling about this site, so I am still hoping for the best. Google will approve eventually, I am sure.

At the time of writing this post, I have re-applied to AdSense and stopped all Facebook campaigns not to waste money on visitors.

In my next post I am going to explain my launch strategy in a few points. Stay tuned! 🙂

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