iOS development course in Zambia


I have always felt an eager to help other people, but I guess I am not alone with this. However, I want to teach something to the people and share them my knowledge. Rather than helping them physically or financially. This is what sparked the whole idea of makeithAPPen. The reason why I chose Zambia is simple: I was 100% sure they were in need of learning something useful. A skill they can generate income with, and get a decent job anywhere in the world.

I had an enormous amount of fun and became richer with an experience I will never forget. We developed two apps together, a very basic calculator and a photo viewer which showed pictures of cars. Following these, they later made an app alone, which randomly printed a name from the class on the screen, every time the user pushed a button. I taught them Objective-C because I am more fluent in that however, Swift might have been a little more modern. It won’t be hard for them to switch later, though.

The school I taught at, was called Nana Rose Memorial School. In Africa this is common, but I was shocked at how often they have electricity cuts which could last for days. This made using the projector a little bit harder.🙂

And now, some pictures!

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