How did I start?

Well, when I was little I was always amazed by engineering. My grandfather taught at one of Hungary’s best technical university and his office was always full of interesting machines and computers (seeing a computer was not very common at that time). He was also a great handyman, he could fix everything and anything. This is what inspired me most I think, even if I did not know that yet.

Okay you were inspired, but what did you do?

I started learning how to create things digitally. By this I mean, I learned everything from video editing to 3D graphics. At times I wanted to be a director and a DJ, but I also wanted to be a car mechanic. So…

I was around 12 when I decided that programing and design was best for me so I started playing around with Game Maker (version 7 at the time) to create games. Where did this take me? No where, but I learned the basics of programming and how a graphics are handled by a computer, etc..

Fast forward a few years…

I developed by first app using Unity 3D. It was a small space invaders clone and it was (still is) available for both iOS  and Android. Simultaneously I was learning XCode and Objective-C (wish I started with Swift now, so you should!) and developed a few apps. As I learnt programming my apps became more and more complex but until recently I was too scared to deal with servers and stuff, so my apps were all strictly offline (except for iCloud integration). You should definitely learn PHP and MySQL right in the beginning, and don’t be sacred to make complex apps. You can only learn!


My biggest and only tip is this: Learn programming by having ideas which you want to turn into reality. By working on your own ideas, you won’t give up. Even when some bugs seem too tough to squash.

Plus, what you learn from tutorials will be easy to put into context because you will use them in your own apps.

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